Le Creuset Sizes by Letter

Le Creuset sizes by letter

le creuset size comparison
Le Creuset size comparison

A friend of mine asked me the Le Creuset sizes by letter. I must admit that I didn’t know so I looked it up for her. It turns out this information was not readily available in a quick format.

At the end of this post, you will know what the Le Creuset numbers on bottom of your Dutch oven and Braiser mean and what size they relate too.

You will have noted that there are markings on the bottom of Le Creuset Dutch ovens and cookware. To clarify, they are not any kind of production markings that you may see on Lodge cast iron cookware.

View Le Creuset range of sizes available

The Le Creuset markings refer specifically to the size of the Dutch oven, Braiser, Skillet or pan. They are the diameter of the longest dimension, not including the handle. This is based in centimeters.

le creuset dutch oven numbers
Le Creuset Dutch Oven Numbers

In most the Le Creuset range, they have a number molded in them. However, on some Le Creuset, their sizes are sometimes signified by a letter. However, this is limited to round Dutch ovens and oval ovens. The remainder are signified by size.

One thing that confuses many people is the Le Creuset lettering and numbering. It is reasonable to believe that if you have two items such as Dutch ovens with the same Le Creuset letters, the lids should be interchangeable.

This is not the case, often you will find that the lids do not fit. This is because the ranges have changed over the years and minor changes mean that the lids will not necessarily fit.

If you are looking for a Le Creuset replacement lid, ideally you will need to try it to make sure it fits tightly. Obviously in this case, it is better to take your item along with you, but if you are buying online, ensure there is a return policy.

I share this with you, hopefully saving you some time in the process. Let’s look at the Le Creuset sizes by letter…

What Size is my Le Creuset – Le Creuset sizes by letter

Le Creuset Round Dutch oven sizes

Number Letter Liter size Quarts
16 A 1.3 1.5
18 B 1.8 2
20 C 2.4 2.5
22 D 3.3 3.5
24 E 4.2 4.5
26 F 5.3 5.5
28 G 6.7 7.25
30 H 8.4 9
34 I 12.4 13.25

Le Creuset Oval Dutch oven sizes

Number Letter Liter size Quarts
23 2.6 2.75
25 C 3.2 3.5
27 4.1 4.25
29 E 4.7 5
31 G 6.3 6.75
35 H 9 9.5
40 14.1 15

Le Creuset Saucepan sizes

Le Creuset #16 1.25 Quarts 1.2 Liters
Le Creuset #18 2 Quarts 1.8 Liters
Le Creuset #20 2.75 Quarts 2.5 Liters
Le Creuset #22 2.5 Quarts 2.3 Liters

Le Creuset Skillet and Grill Pan Sizes

Le Creuset #16 6.3 inches
Le Creuset #23 9 inches
Le Creuset #26 10.25 inches
Le Creuset #27 10.6 inches (deep skillet)
Le Creuset #30 11.75 inches
Le Creuset #34 13.3 inches
Le Creuset #40 15.75 inches (oval)

Le Creuset Braiser

Le Creuset #26 2.25 Quarts 2 Liters
Le Creuset #30 3.5 Quarts 3.2 Liters
Le Creuset #32 5 Quarts 4.7 Liters

Le Creuset Braiser Sizes

Le Creuset Saucier

Le Creuset #17 1 Quarts 0.95 Liters
Le Creuset #21 2.25 Quarts 2 Liters
Le Creuset #24 3 Quarts 2.8 Liters

le creuset size chart letters
Le Creuset size chart letters

So, there you have it, Le Creuset sizes by letter for Dutch ovens, Braiser, Skillet or pan. This is the most definitive collection of data so I hope it saves you some time searching.

As I mentioned earlier, please only use this information for reference only. If you are searching for a new lid, make sure you try it first.

For further information about Le Creuset, please have a look at my post on the brand. This is the most comprehensive post on the Le Creuset brand, covering its history, production, product ranges and other interesting details. If you’re a fan of the brand, it is well worth a read.

If your looking to buy Le Creuset items, consider looking at my blog post on the top 5 Le Creuset Dutch ovens.


le creuset sizes by number
Le Creuset Sizes By Number

What are Le Creuset Sizes by Number?

‘Le Creuset sizes by number’ is exactly the same principle as ‘Le Creuset sizes by letter’. They are often used interchangeably but essentially the same information as above still stands.

Where can you find the numbers?

The numbers can be found on the base of your Le Creuset cookware. Occasionally, the numbers or letters can be found on the underside of the lid.

What is the biggest Le Creuset Dutch oven?

The biggest Le Creuset Dutch oven is 13.25 quarts. This is equivalent to 12.4 liters and is marked on the lid and base with “34” or the letter “I”.

What is Le Creuset made out of?

Le Creuset are famous for their cast iron Dutch ovens. However, specifically they are masters in enameling cast iron which gives their products market leading non-stick properties. They are simply the best company at doing this and pioneered this method in the early 1920’s.

In recent years, Le Creuset have become more of a premium lifestyle brand. This means they now offer a huge range of products. They now produce items in stainless steel, ceramics, stoneware, silicone, textiles, as well as their core cast iron offering.

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Vintage Le Creuset markings

The vintage Le Creuset markings are essentially the same as above. Although there are other elements to assist you dating your vintage cookware.

What is the best Le Creuset size to choose?

One thing the Le Creuset do well is catering for different audiences. From the solo cooks to those cooking for a large family, there is something for everybody.

If you are cooking for up to three people, then the smaller sizes are perfect. Although you won’t be able to cut large cuts of meat in them, they essentially do the same as the large Dutch ovens. If you are cooking a sauce, smaller roasts or even baking bread, it is possible in the smaller Dutch ovens.

For a family or up to seven people, then a medium size Dutch oven will be appropriate. This is based on single portions. The larger size also means they are more suitable for larger cuts of meat, whole chickens and fish. Ideally, most people should be looking at medium size Dutch ovens to afford them the greatest flexibility…unless of course you are looking at the largest sizes.

Ideally most people should try and buy the largest Dutch oven. This offers the greatest flexibility to cook the biggest variety of food. In terms of performance, it can be better as more moisture and air is allowed to circulate in large Dutch ovens.

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