s a casserole dish the same as a dutch oven
Is a casserole dish the same as a Dutch oven


Is a casserole dish the same as a Dutch oven? When recipes call for the use of a casserole dish, they are often referring to a ceramic dish with a lid. The confusion comes when they picture a Dutch oven and retailers don’t help when referring to cast iron Dutch ovens as Casseroles.

The reality is that for most dishes, you can use either. The only thing you really need to consider is whether the recipe uses the stove. Cast iron Dutch ovens can be used on the stove and transferred to the oven. Ceramics or bakeware casseroles are great in the oven but you would need to transfer food into them from whatever you use on the stove.

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Is a Casserole dish the same as a Dutch oven – In depth

ceramic dutch oven
Ceramic Dutch oven

This is a question I get asked time and time again. The issue here is that these terms are often used interchangeably for the same product…or so people think.

The reality is that they are different and I will describe that in more detail below why and how.

What is the cause of this confusion? There are many causes but often I will see retailers using the terms casserole dish and Dutch oven to describe the same thing. No wonder people are confused.  You only have to look at one of Le Creuset’s regional websites where they describe Dutch ovens as casseroles…and braiser buffet casseroles.

The other main cause of confusion is online recipes. Frequently, they will refer to a one pot but the picture is of the other…again, confusing.

How is a casserole dish and a Dutch oven similar?

  • They both have a round or oval shape
  • Both are designed for the oven
  • They have tight fitting lids to retain moisture and heat
  • They can both be made from cast iron…more on this later
  • Both have side handles

Just by looking at these characteristics, you see where the confusion is.

How is a casserole dish and a Dutch oven different?

  • The material…Dutch ovens are constructed from cast iron, casserole dishes can be made from a variety of materials…cast iron, steel, aluminum and ceramics
  • Casserole dishes tend to be flatter in design, hence shallower. They have more in common with Braisers.
  • Depending on the material for casserole dishes, they may not be suitable for stove top use. Dutch ovens can move from stove top to the oven

What are the materials used to make Casseroles and Dutch ovens

le creuset ceramic dutch oven
Le Creuset ceramic Dutch oven

Officially, when we are describing Dutch ovens…in most cases we mean French ovens.

Dutch ovens do not have an enamel coating on the interior. They are seasoned using oil and are normally used for outdoor cooking. They have a tight-fitting lid and are made from cast iron.

French ovens are made for kitchens and ovens…rather than outdoor cooking. They are cast iron too with enamel on the inside which provides the benefit of easy cleaning and an almost non-stick surface. They are based on the Dutch oven in design but improved for a better experience indoors.

Casseroles offer the most variability in terms of materials. If you are one of those that describes casseroles as Dutch ovens, in that case they are made from cast iron.

The reality is that they are made from numerous materials. They can be made from 18/10 stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, stoneware and copper.

Summary of the material characteristics

Cast iron ·        Retains heat

·        Even heat distribution

·        Very durable

·        Heavy

·        Oven and stovetop use

·        High heat range



·        Very lightweight

·        Available with coatings for non-stick

·        Heats quickly and evenly

Stainless steel ·        Durable

·        Heats quickly

·        Safe

Copper ·        Attractive finish

·        Even heat distribution

·        Durable material

·        Often used with other materials to heat quickly

Ceramics & Stoneware ·        Fantastic oven performance

·        Freezer safe

·        Some microwave safe

·        Not suitable for stove


Can you use a casserole dish as a Dutch oven?

best ceramic dutch oven
Best ceramic Dutch oven

Officially, casserole dishes are shallower and can be made from materials that include but are not limited to cast iron. If the casserole dish is made from cast iron and the recipe can be adapted, then yes, you can use your casserole dish as a Dutch oven.

If the recipe requires a Dutch oven because of the heat requirements and you do not have cast iron, then it will be difficult to replicate it successfully.

Ceramic Dutch ovens & Casserole dishes

ceramic dutch oven vs cast iron
Ceramic Dutch oven vs cast iron

We know the benefits of cast iron such as heat retention and even distribution. We know about its durability and robustness. Cast iron does have its disadvantages too.

It needs seasoning regularly if it is not enameled. It also heats up very slowly which means that patience is required. Speeding it up by heating cast iron results in thermal shock which can ruin a pan. It is also prone to rusting if not treated carefully, during cleaning and storage.

This is where a ceramic Dutch oven or casserole dish comes in. A ceramic dish does not need seasoning and they weigh far less than their cast iron counterparts. They are also easy to clean and simple to store, regardless of the conditions. They really do serve a purpose.

They are limited to the oven though so there is no stove top usage. In fact, it is dangerous to use on a stovetop so don’t even try.

Given the nature of ceramics, they are prone to chipping and breakages so you really do have to take care with it. In reality, they will not last longer than cast iron, so bear this in mind if you are looking to buy.

Clearly, ceramic ovens are not as versatile as cast iron Dutch ovens. However, they do serve a purpose and, in some circumstances, they are more appropriate to use.

What to do if you don’t have a Dutch oven or casserole dish?

There are times when you don’t have access to a Dutch oven or casserole. This is where a little bit of lateral thinking is required.

I have been in this situation and this is where a cast iron skillet comes in very handy. Since they are heavy bottomed pans, they replicate the heat of Dutch ovens, slow and even. I have used a skillet successfully by sealing the top with tin foil. This keeps all the moisture within the pan and to some degree replicates the Dutch oven.

The negative of this is that you are limited by the size of the skillet so the quantity you want is limited by the size of the skillet.


Is a casserole dish the same as a Dutch oven? hopefully you can see where the confusion lies.

The reality is that casserole dishes can be made from a multitude of materials whereas Dutch ovens are strictly made from cast iron…enameled or not.

If your recipe calls for a casserole dish, then you can use it with a Dutch oven without any problem.

If the recipe asks for a Dutch oven, then you need to establish why. If it is because it needs to start on the stove and then be transferred to the oven, you will need to adapt it if you only have a casserole dish that is not cast iron.

I hope this helps. If you have any thoughts on the matter, leave a comment below.

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Is a cocotte the same as a Dutch oven?

Yes, they are exactly the same thing as an enameled Dutch oven. Brands like Staub refer to their ‘Dutch ovens’ as cocottes. The word actually translates to ‘small oven’. Just be aware that they are not the same as a cast iron Dutch oven that is not enameled. Often these are for outdoor use.

What makes a Dutch oven different?

They are so versatile that often you could run a kitchen with just this one pot. They are perfect for so many cooking styles. They are robust and strong pots that distribute heat evenly. This means that there are few hot spots resulting in evenly cooked food.

You can stew, fry, bake and braise in a Dutch oven, they are so versatile. You can start a dish on the stove and move it to the oven without any issues. This means less clean up and a great cooking experience.

Why do I want a Dutch oven?

Everyone who cooks should want a Dutch oven. I am such a fan that I have dedicated a whole website to them. I know a lot about them but there is so much more to learn.

You want a Dutch oven for the versatility and style they bring to the kitchen. They also simplify things in my experience as the skill required to start is pretty low. You can cook great dishes with limited experience in the kitchen.

lodge casserole vs dutch oven
Lodge casserole vs Dutch oven

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