What Size Le Creuset Dutch Oven Should I Get?

What size Le Creuset Dutch oven should I get?…well let me start by congratulating you. It’s a fine choice, they are simply wonderful pieces of cookware, crafted to perfection. Well done you.

Most popular dutch oven size
Standard Dutch oven size

In an ideal world, I’m sure all of us reading this would want a different Le Creuset Dutch oven for every occasion…a dream for some…a reality for the lucky ones. Unfortunately, not many of us have deep enough pockets for that to come true. Therefore, making the right decision on what size to get is important…it needs to be a considered choice.

Today, I will take you through a few things you might want to consider and let you know what options you actually have.

How they measure the size of Dutch ovens

Before I move on to what you need to consider before you buy your Dutch oven, let me take a minute to describe their measurement system.

Dutch ovens are traditionally described in quarts and Le Creuset are no different. A quart is measured in liquid terms. Each quart is equivalent to two pints or four cups of liquid. The general rule is that 1 quart equals one serving.

Therefore, when you see the quart sizes, think about the serving numbers.

What size Le Creuset Dutch oven should I get …things to think about

There are a number of factors you might want to consider before you make your purchase. If you don’t go through this process, there is a danger that you might buy the wrong size which can be incredibly frustrating.

Buy the wrong size and aside from the wasted money, it raises other issues. Buy a Dutch oven that is too big and you will not use it as often as you should. They are big and heavy so you will opt for something more manageable. You will not be using it to its potential.

Buy a Dutch oven that’s too small and you will be frustrated at not being able to do what you actually want to do. It will limit what you can do, especially in the quantities that you want. Buying to small may mean that cooking for a gathering in your Dutch oven may be out of the question…or annoyingly, having to make it twice!

How many people do you cook for?

The general rule of thumb in terms of quarts is one quart per person. You would think it was as simple as that but also factor this in. Do you ever give out second helpings…I do, all the time. Therefore, when you are working out which Dutch oven to buy, factor in extra servings.

You may also want to consider leftovers. In my home, i normally cook extra food that i can freeze or even provide lunch for the next day. Some of the dishes I cook can take a few hours so it makes sense to make more. Its also cheaper this way in terms of time and money.

What do you actually cook?

What is it that you want to cook in your Le Creuset Dutch oven? Are you a fan of either stews, baking bread or roasting…or all of them? The beauty of the Dutch oven is its versatility.

The foods you make will determine what size Le Creuset Dutch oven you need. If it is simply stews, the standard quart measurement is more than enough to work out what you need. If you are planning on roasting in the oven, for example Chickens, then you need to start looking at the actual measurements of the Dutch oven.

How often you have guests?

Ideally, I would own several sizes but that is not possible. When I chose my Dutch oven, I factored in the size of my family and added on two quarts for leftovers or guests. Occasionally I will cook for family or friends so it is nice to have that flexibility.

What size diameter do you need?

There are two different versions of Le Creuset Dutch ovens, round and oval. What you choose will depend on your cooking needs.

If you enjoy braising large cuts of meat, then the oval version may be more suitable for you. It gives you the extra width to work with.

The issue with the oval size is more relevant if you do not have a double hob. For stovetop, the width of it means that it will not heat evenly. A key benefit of cast iron is the ability to heat evenly so not doing so will create hot spots.

Buying a round Dutch oven is the most popular choice for this reason and buying a large enough one will mean that you should still be able to braise larger cuts of meat.

le creuset dutch oven sizes
Sizes of Le Creuset Dutch ovens

What depth do you need?

What size Le Creuset Dutch oven should i get? The depth of a Dutch oven is not normally an issue as most Le Creuset Dutch ovens have enough depth for most tasks.

If you are planning on roasting larger birds, then it is worth checking first.

The only time it really becomes relevant to me is when I am baking bread. I need to ensure that there is sufficient room for the bread to rise.

I own a Le Creuset braiser so this issue is not that relevant to me but it’s worth thinking about. If you are braising meat, the depth of a Dutch oven will be relevant. The braising process relies on steam to cook the meat. With a taller pan, this will take longer to do, hence why actual braisers have much lower depth.

The same is true with reducing liquid in a tall Dutch oven, it takes longer as the steam remains in the Dutch oven.

Le Creuset round Dutch ovens

The round versions come in a greater range of sizes. There are a few versions available of the same quart size e.g. the Classic or signature range so it is always worth checking first.
best size le creuset

Number Letter Liter size Quarts
16 A 1.3 1.5
18 B 1.8 2
20 C 2.4 2.5
22 D 3.3 3.5
24 E 4.2 4.5
26 F 5.3 5.5
28 G 6.7 7.25
30 H 8.4 9
34 I 12.4 13.25

Le Creuset oval Dutch ovens

The oval shape is more effective for certain tasks. Larger cuts of meat such as a leg of lamb, turkey or whole chickens are better in this shape. Additionally, longer loafs of bread can be baked in an oval shape.

dutch oven size chart

Number Letter Liter size Quarts
23 2.6 2.75
25 C 3.2 3.5
27 4.1 4.25
29 E 4.7 5
31 G 6.3 6.75
35 H 9 9.5
40 14.8 15


What size Le Creuset Dutch oven should I get? The answer is simple…do the math. Work out how many people, add a quart or two, factor in the number of guests you may receive…and voila…the correct Dutch oven you need. Failing that…get a 5.5 or 7.25 quart one like everybody else.

what size le creuset
What size Le Creuset

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for a Dutch oven?

The best size for a Dutch oven is the one that gives you maximum versatility whilst being small enough to not waste energy.

What size dutch oven for family of 4

The generally accepted size for a family of four is 5.5 quarts.

What is the biggest Le Creuset Dutch oven?

The largest Dutch oven that Le Creuset produce is an oval 15 quarts.

What size is Le Creuset 28?

That is the 7.25 quart round Dutch oven.

Can you put a Le Creuset lid in the oven?

Yes, you can but the knob on the lid determines the maximum temperature. If it is a resin knob, the max temperature is 375F. If it has the stainless-steel knob, the maximum temperature is 480F.

What can I do with a Dutch oven?

The beauty of a Dutch oven is its versatility. You can cook a fantastic stew, deep fry, bake bread, braise meats…basically most cooking tasks.

Are Le Creuset dutch oven dishwasher safe?

Yes, but it is not recommended as they can dull the color after a while. If you want to keep them looking new and shiny, hand wash only. The enamel Dutch ovens are simple to clean using non-abrasive pads or a nylon brush.

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