The question…is Le Creuset suitable for induction hobs and whether Le Creuset cast iron is safe for glass cook tops is easily answered. It is safe to use and you should not worry. However, there are a few things you should consider. Read on for more details.

In this article, I will consider cast iron cookware and induction hobs. I will describe what they are and why induction hobs can be used. I will also detail some tests for your peace of mind. Furthermore, I will also offer some things to consider if you are using induction hobs with your cast iron.

At the end of this article, you will have answered all your questions on whether Le Creuset is induction compatible and you will be in a better position to use your cast iron cookware on glass stove tops.

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It is generally surprising that many more people do not have an induction hob. However, it is not surprising to me that they are the fastest growing cooktop.

The most popular cooktop at the moment is an open fire-based method like gas. Of course, this may change over time but that is the situation right now.

Rightly or wrongly, people equate open flames to ‘proper’ cooking methods and compare it to professional kitchens. I have to agree to a degree, there is nothing like the temperature control afforded by a flame.

As homes change, technology is introduced and safety standards evolve, we will see more induction hobs and we are seeing this already.

The question that raises with many people who are new to induction hobs…is Le Creuset suitable for induction hobs?

What is an induction hob and how do they work?

When it comes to hobs, there is nothing similar to an induction hob. What makes an induction hob different? They heat the pan directly rather than the hob.

They work like this. When you turn on an induction hob, it activates a magnetic field beneath the surface. When you but your pan on the surface, it completes the circuit which then heats the base of the pan.

This is an efficient process. Old style hobs have to heat the ring, then the pan which then heats the food. The induction hob heats the pan directly which makes it more efficient.

Advantages of induction hobs

  • They heat very quickly
  • They respond quickly when you change the heat
  • Highly energy efficient – they only heat where the magnetic field is activated
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Easy to use – simply select your power level

Disadvantages of induction hobs

  • Expensive to buy but the cost is falling all the time
  • Not all pans are compatible
  • You need an electrician to install…but you would anyway

Does Le Creuset work on induction?

We should be clear here when we talk about Le Creuset. I am referring to Le Creuset cast iron cookware…not the stoneware ranges.

I have established above that cast iron is absolutely suitable for induction hobs. The induction process creates a magnetic field using the atoms in the cast iron within your Le Creuset.

Therefore, you should proceed with confidence. A simple test can also be applied. Simply place a magnet at the bottom of your cookware. If it sticks, it is compatible with your induction hob.

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How do I identify induction compatible cookware?

is le creuset safe for glass cooktops
Is Le Creuset safe for glass cooktops

As I mentioned above, it is relatively simple to find this out with the magnet test outlined above. With cast iron cookware, you can proceed with confidence.

With some cookware, you may not be so sure. On modern cookware, it will normally tell you on the base of the cookware. You may see a symbol which confirms it. This is the symbol you will see which represents induction hobs.

What is not compatible on induction hobs?

If you have a new induction hob fitted, it is worth looking through your existing cookware to find everything that is and is not compatible.

The complication around materials and induction hobs is stainless steel. You would like to think that it is a simple answer but I’m afraid it isn’t.

There is some stainless-steel cookware that is absolutely fine. This is because the alloy it contains includes iron which is magnetic. Some alloys are made from nickel which is nonmagnetic. This means that it is not suitable for induction hobs.

What about non enamel Dutch ovens?

When we talk about non enamel Dutch ovens, we are essentially talking about bare or seasoned cast iron…whether that be a Dutch oven or a skillet.

It is absolutely fine to use them on an induction hob as they are made of cast iron.

However, there are some considerations that you need to make to ensure that you do so without damaging the surface of your induction hob. I will consider that in more detail below.

does le creuset work on induction
Does Le Creuset work on induction

Will cast iron scratch induction cooktop? Tips on using cast iron cookware on glass cook tops

Anybody with a shiny new glass cooktop will naturally be apprehensive about using heavy cast iron. Whether it is cracking it, scratching it or chipping it, there is always potential for damage.

Your fears should be allayed, you can do so without causing any damage if you follow the guidance.

  1. Sliding cast iron
  2. Wash your cast iron
  3. Be patient…

Sliding your cast iron on your induction hob

Since the differences in surfaces, it is recommended that you do not slide cast iron on your induction hob. This is to minimize the risk of scratching. I know some of you like to mix contents by shaking the pan, but this is not a thing on an induction hob.

Obviously if this is the case, it also applies that you should not place cookware ‘heavily’ on the surface and you should also be careful not to drop it.

Additionally, if your cast iron cookware is chipped or damaged in any way, then you need to be extra careful as the chance of damaging your induction hob increases. This is because of sharp edges.

Some cast iron has marking molded into the base of the vessel. Obviously, Le Creuset do this. Don’t worry, it is still perfectly fine to use.

Wash your cast iron before you use an induction hob

Often when you cook, oil and residue can form on the bottom of your pan which can carbonize. This has the potential to scratch the surface.

The other issue is the black stains that are left behind to prevent this from happening, you should remove the cookware from the surface of the induction hob immediately after cooking.

You will also need to wash your cast iron before and after use to ensure that there is no baked-on residue on the bottom. This will minimize any risk of damage.

Patience is a virtue…

Cooking with electric is not the same as gas. Heat from gas is immediate. Patience is required. It is recommended that when you cook on an induction hob using cast iron, you should keep the heat low and gradually raise it.

The benefit of doing this is firstly, preventing thermal shock and protecting your Le Creuset. Secondly, it results in more even heat distribution to deliver better cooking results.

Woks and induction Worktops

Since induction hobs work by creating a magnetic field to complete a circuit, you may have an issue using woks or any round bottom pans. Obviously, a flat bottom pan will give the best results.

There is no simple solution to this apart from buying a flat bottom wok.

Will induction disks work?

will cast iron scratch induction cooktop
Will cast iron scratch induction cooktop

For those of you that don’t know what these are, these are plates or disks that sit between your pan and the induction hob. Indeed, you can use these even if your Le Creuset is completely compatible with your induction hob.

Mainly, they are for cookware that is not induction compatible. The plate completes the circuit with the plate which then heats up. The heated plate then heats the cookware. If your cookware is not compatible, then this may be a much cheaper solution than buying new cookware. Please refer to the picture to see what they look like.

Where do i find the best Induction Disks?


To summarize… does Le Creuset work on induction? Yes, it does. Any cast iron cookware is absolutely fine. You should not have any issues with your Le Creuset cookware.

As I mentioned above, you need to follow the guidance carefully. This is to ensure that you do not damage your induction hob and glass cooktop.

Your Le Creuset and other cast iron cookware is heavy, much heavier than other types of cookware. So, you need to be careful. Being careful should ensure that you cook problem free.

You should also make a point of informing anybody else that uses your cooker about the process and what is involved. This will prevent any future ‘accidents’.

I hope you found this article on does Le Creuset work on induction helpful. Let me know what you think and your experience on using your Le Creuset Dutch ovens on induction hobs.

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is le creuset induction compatible
Is Le Creuset induction compatible

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