Le Creuset Outlet Prices

The Le Creuset outlet prices. A bone of contention among many. There is a perception about what they are and the purpose they have.

There is much discussion about the actual discounts that are available and whether they are actually clearance centers.

In this post, we will analyse whether this is the case. What they are, what they do and whether you should buy from there. This is the full low down on Le Creuset outlet prices.

Where do i find Le Creuset outlet prices?

What are Le Creuset Outlets?

le creuset on sale
Le Creuset on sale

Le Creuset outlets are where they retail goods that are considered ‘seconds’. These items are not ‘perfect’ that can be sold at their premium price as there is an imperfection within them.

They often carry their full range of products and they are often a place where they can display their goods in a controlled environment without relying on third party sellers. They have full control in how they are displayed and promoted.

In some cases, these items may just be overstock they have in their inventory.

What is the quality of the Le Creuset goods?

Le Creuset pride themselves on perfection and their reputation and positioning in their markets is as such. In fact, their marketing strategy is based on their quality control and heritage.

They are known to melt their cast iron items back down to start again if they do not meet their exacting standards. They make this known clearly in marketing material and part of this is the quality dynamic they wish to portray.

This adds to the legend of Le Creuset and helps differentiate them from their competitors.

However, there are some items that meet the initial checks or are passed through the quality control that are failed at a later stage. This is common within the Le Creuset quality control process but this is nothing to be concerned about.

This does not mean that these items are not fit for purpose. They are, they may contain a visual imperfection, they may have something inconsistent to the original design or they may just be end of line stock. In some cases, there may be nothing ‘wrong’ with the product…nothing.

They just don’t meet their own high standards.

Generally, this is where Le Creuset retail their stock that is not fit for their premium market. They do this through this medium rather than through other mediums such as eBay or third-party sellers.

One thing that is patently clear is the amount of control Le Creuset like to have. They are determined to present their products as a lifestyle brand and a premium product.

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What items do Le Creuset outlets sell?

They normally carry their full range of products. Obviously, you will not find every color or option available but generally, you will find examples of most things they produce.

You will normally find examples of the following;

  • Dutch Ovens
  • Braisers
  • Skillets & Sauté Pans
  • Saucepans and Sauciers
  • Stock, Soup & Multi-Pots
  • Grill Pans & Griddles
  • Roasters
  • Stainless Steel Cookware
  • Kettles
  • Non-stick Cookware

What are the Le Creuset outlet prices like?

le creuset clearance
Le Creuset clearance

There is an impression that outlets should have heavily discounted pricing.

This is not the case here at Le Creuset. Often the discount on a premium full listing price is up to 15%. This is for a ‘second’ item although it will never be termed as such.

In fact, these items do not meet Le Creuset quality control. It may well be the case that you cannot find anything wrong with the product. For all intents and purposes, it is a perfect item to your eyes.

Therefore, the simple answer is not to assume that the prices will be steeply discounted. Generally, they won’t.

The exception to this rule is when they have a sale which normally happens twice a year. During this period, a discounted sale price on top of the general discount can make the overall pricing more appealing.

In this case, they are certainly worth looking at.

Should I buy a perfect product or a ‘seconds’ Le Creuset?

This is an interesting point and the answer is not based around price.

With a premium product, the lifetime warranty they come with is invaluable. If at anytime the product fails due to a quality issue, Le Creuset will repair or replace it.

This is simple to verify with a perfect product.

The issue with a secondary quality is not as clear cut. Any imperfections are already priced into the product. Therefore, what is the warranty actually covering?

Since you have to let them know where you bought the product, they will know it was purchased as a second.

If it fails in any way, are they obligated to deliver the same level of service or commitment they do to their premium products?

I’m sure Le Creuset would say they would and do. I have no reason to disbelieve that stance.

If I was being cynical, I would ask why they would offer the same level of service to a discounted product? I guess you may have a different opinion on this.

Where are the Le Creuset outlets?

They are located in many places, so head over to https://www.lecreuset.com/outlets  and choose your closest outlet.

If you are not in the US, visit your local Le Creuset website and view their store locator page and choose the closest Le Creuset outlet near me.

I want to know more about Le Creuset

I have written a long article that explains all about them, their history, their brand and all there is to know about them. View it here.


The simple answer is that with the Le Creuset outlet prices, they are worth visiting, especially if they are relatively close to you. You may get an absolute bargain, then again you may not.

What it will do is let you appreciate the quality of the goods they have on offer. We buy so much online these days and our purchasing decisions are based on images and perhaps YouTube review videos.

Visiting a shop, allows you to actually physically handle the products, touch them and feel the quality. You simply can’t appreciate the weight and beauty of the items without handling them.

If you arrived here looking at Le Creuset outlet prices, I hope you found the answers you were looking for.

Leave a comment below sharing your experiences. We would love to hear from you.

Where do i find Le Creuset outlet prices?

le creuset outlet coupon
Le Creuset outlet coupon

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