How to use a Dutch oven on stove top

I often get asked how to use a Dutch oven on stove top. Today i will address that for you telling you all you need to know.

This question always confuses me slightly as I’m never quite sure what particular aspect they are talking about.

There are a few angles that this question could come from, so I will try and address all of them.

Here is what I think this could mean;

  • Can I use a Dutch oven on a stove top?
  • Do I need to do anything before I put it on the stove top?
  • What can I do in the Dutch oven on a stove?
  • Are there any techniques I should be using?
  • If you can you use a Dutch oven on a glass stove top?
  • Do I use it on a gas stove?
  • Can I use it on an electric stove?

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Can I use a Dutch oven on a stove top?

The simple answer is yes. How to use a Dutch oven on stove top?

I would always recommend that you refer to the manufacturers instructions first. You can probably find the information on their website, failing that, they will have a customer care line.

In some instances, their may not be any markings to suggest what brand it is. I think it is safe to say that using your Dutch oven on the stove is fine, especially if is enameled. They are designed to be this way and serve that function.

We will come to the types of heat sources later.

Do I need to do anything before I put it on the stove top?

Nothing specifically but it is always worth making a few checks.

Make sure there are no cracks in the pot as this could be disastrous and potentially cause injury. Imagine a scenario where a cracked pot fails and all the content including any liquid ends up everywhere. It won’t be good for your stove top let alone your kitchen. Personal injury is always a possibility too.

Its also worth checking that the enameling is not chipped. If this fails, you may essentially end up with glass in your food. Enameled Dutch ovens are very robust pieces of equipment but they do need careful handling, therefore treat them with respect.

What can I do in the Dutch oven on a stove?

It would be much easier to ask what you can’t do rather than what you can do. Dutch ovens are simply the most amazing bits of kitchen equipment.

It’s quite bizarre when you think about it. They have been around for well over 100 years yet they consistently produce better results than any new technology.

You can’t beat them and if you are still considering whether to get, it’s a no brainer. Get one. You will not regret it.

So, how to use a Dutch oven on stove top?

Roasting – I have been known to cook a chicken, every week in fact for as long as I can recall. The Dutch oven is the perfect pot for this. I normally place some vegetables in the bottom and place the chicken on top. This lets the juices run free and lets the heat and moisture circulate in the pan. The results are wonderful. To brown the chicken, I remove the lid for the last 20 mins of cook time.

Curries – I like a curry and this is the perfect pot for stove to oven cooking. I fry off the spices on the stove and brown the meat. I then add in my vegetables and a cup of water. Lid on and in the oven to slow cook. The depth of flavor is immense. Simple too.

Sauces – I often need a large pan where I can make a lot of sauce, tomato sauce. I use this in many things and I always make a large batch that I freeze and defrost as and when it is needed. The consistent heat cooks the tomatoes through perfectly and with little fuss. The non-stick makes clean up a breeze too.

Casseroles and stews – Slow cooked to perfection. Braise your meat into browned loveliness, put in your spices, veggies and water…slow cook through the day. Return from work to find a tasty meal to blow your taste buds.

How to use a Dutch oven on stove top for baking

The answer to this really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you want to bake bread, the answer is no. You need heat all around to cook the top and bottom evenly and a stovetop will not do that. You need an oven to do this.

Desserts are a different matter as some of them are relatively flat. You can therefore cook the base evenly on a stove while the steam in your Dutch oven will cook the top.

The results can be very good and you may be pleasantly surprised.

To decide whether you can bake on a stove, simply ask yourself whether it needs to be evenly cooked all around. If so, you should not bake on a stove.

If the answer is no, then by all means give it a go. You have nothing to lose, especially if you don’t have a conventional oven.

Can you use Le Creuset on glass stove top?

The simple answer is yes. Le Creuset Dutch ovens and cookware have an enamel coating which means they are designed to move from stove to oven.

If your Le Creuset is ceramic or stoneware, DO NOT use on the stove. They are not designed to be used on stoves hence why they are termed as bakeware. Ceramics need to be heated evenly otherwise they will crack. A stove heats from the bottom up. Ceramics will crack and break on a stove.

As always, make sure there are no chips or cracks on your cookware. If there are, do not use them.

Can I use enameled cast iron on a glass cook top?

Yes, you can. It is what they are designed to do. The enamel coating has non-stick properties and is very smooth. It will not scratch your glass stove top. However, always exercise caution. Do not drag your cookware across the surface, always lift off the surface. Better to be safe than sorry.

Dutch oven on electric stove top?

Yes, most Dutch ovens can be used on all heat sources. The electric stove top is the most common stove is the USA. They are generally fine to use.

As always, check with your manufacturer. Either check their website or call their customer care line.

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Can you use a Dutch oven on the stove?

How to use a dutch oven in a conventional oven

You should treat a Dutch oven as you would any other cookware when it comes to handling. The difference is in the temperature. Remember, cast iron retains heat like no other. You can therefore cook at lower temperatures. This saves you money in the long run.

How to use a ceramic dutch oven

Ceramic versions are designed as bakeware only. Do not use on a stove. They will crack and break if you do…possibly causing injury and damage. They are only designed for the oven.

Final thoughts

I hope I have answered your questions on how to use Dutch oven on stove top. Of course, there is plenty more information on this website so please do have a look around.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments…have you ever tried it and what happened. We would all like to know.

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dutch oven on stove top
Dutch Oven on Stove Top

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