Can you re enamel Le Creuset Dutch ovens? before we even consider this,  it is worth considering whether it is covered by their lifetime warranty.

le creuset reconditioning
Le Creuset reconditioning

Is it covered by lifetime warranty?

To qualify for this, you need to show that it was a manufacturing defect that caused the damage rather than you mishandling or not maintaining it appropriately.

If you believe it to be a product defect, call Le Creuset customer care and they will guide you. In my experience, they are very helpful and will pretty much tell you there and then whether you are covered. In some instances, they may ask for photos or even request the cookware to analyse it.

Where do i buy the Le Creuset at the lowest prices?

When will Le Creuset fix it?

If haven’t done anything to void the warranty, Le Creuset will replace the enamel at no cost. They will replace your oven with the same model. If that model is not in production, they will replace it with the closest one. It’s always worth asking as Le Creuset are known to give discounts on a new one.

Should the enamel last forever?

No, essentially it is glass and it will wear down over time. On older ovens, you will see that the enamel can appear to be very thin. Once it reaches this point, it may fail.

le creuset damaged enamel
Le Creuset damaged enamel

Can you re enamel Le Creuset yourself?

The simple answer is no. Trying to do so yourself may lead to disaster. You have to remember that enamel is glass. If the enamel on your Dutch oven or Braiser is damaged, it could potentially be very dangerous if you continue to use it.

It may crack and break while you are cooking leading to damage and even worse personal injury. You may also end up with glass in your food.

Therefore, don’t try and fix it thinking it will be just as good as the original. It wont and the consequences could be quite serious.

Can I get my Le Creuset professionally re-enameled?

Yes, it is possible to get your Le Creuset enamel cookware professionally re-enameled. They will in most cases fully repair your cookware. The easiest way is to google “Re-enameling” followed by your city. This should produce some good local results.

However, these services are not particularly cheap so therefore you need to consider whether it is economically viable to fix it. It may cost slightly more to simply buy another item.


So can you re enamel Le Creuset cookware? Yes you can…but with anything it depends.

Your first port of call is Le Creuset do discuss whether it is covered by their warranty. If not, consider the services of a re-enameling company. Do NOT attempt to do it yourself.

If all else fails, time for a new Dutch oven.

Where do i buy the Le Creuset at the lowest prices?

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