Bruntmor Dutch oven review

Summary of Bruntmor Dutch oven review.

This is basically a copy of a much more expensive Dutch oven…the French made Staub. However, before you get too offended, this is a very good Dutch oven and easily compares to Lodge Dutch oven.

If you are looking for a low-cost Dutch oven with a very traditional look, this may be for you. Read the full review for more in-depth details.

bruntmor 6.5 quart enameled cast iron dutch oven

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In-Depth review of the Bruntmor Dutch oven

Welcome to my Bruntmor Dutch oven review. If you have not heard of the Bruntmor brand, you can be forgiven, they are relatively new to the domestic market.

Having said that, they have been trading through Amazon for a while and have built up some reassuring feedback. This is always a good yardstick for performance. It reflects ‘real’ user experiences that often reflect a variety of cooking styles.

When I review a new Dutch oven, often I only have time to cook a single dish if I don’t own one. This can give me a very good idea of performance but not always the whole picture. My normal process is to use the Dutch oven and look for some additional feedback. This allows me to get a better overall view.

I therefore purchased my Bruntmor Dutch oven on Amazon with a relatively high level of expectation. After all, the feedback on Amazon was very good and comparable to one of my favorites, the Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven.

So, let me consider the following aspects in more detail.


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Bruntmor Dutch oven Design

When I saw the pictures on Amazon…I thought…hmmm, this looks very familiar. For those of you who know their Dutch ovens, this design should remind you if Staub’s classic design. In fact, their design is iconic and hasn’t changed in many years.

You can argue that this may just be a ‘nod’ towards their design but I think it goes a little to far for that. The higher sides and handles are a blatant copy, and the lid is almost the same too. In some ways this may well be considered a shameless copy of a very expensive Dutch oven.

The nibs underneath the lid that help to recirculate moisture, are simply a direct copy in almost every way.

So, what is my opinion? In some ways I don’t like the fact they have chosen to do that. Staub are an iconic brand and deserve their design protected. This is not a nice thing to happen to them.

The only saving grace for Staub is that they are such high quality, Bruntmor could never compete on that.

They don’t. When you compare a premium French made Dutch oven to a China manufactured one, the evidence in quality is apparent.

There is a real difference in the enameling, the premium ones have a more consistent and flatter layer. The paint is smoother and flatter on the premium versions.

Inevitably, the cast iron that is used will be a better sourced and not melted down from various sources.

So, to conclude this section, I am in two minds. I genuinely like the Bruntmor Dutch oven design…mainly because I like the Staub Dutch oven design. Equally, I’m not that impressed the design is a complete replica.

However, I have to stress that I do like the Bruntmor Dutch oven. I’ll tell you why in the next section.

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The Bruntmor Dutch oven price

I think I made my position clear on the design. The biggest advantage that the Bruntmor Dutch oven brings is the price they are sold at. It is ridiculously low when you compare to the premium versions…and even lower than the Lodge and AmazonBasics offerings.

That is a low price.

You can make the argument that most Dutch ovens are similar, essentially, they are made from cast iron and the enameling does the same job. Therefore, the price difference can make you scratch your head.

We can all understand the quality difference in premium Dutch ovens like Le Creuset and Staub…but even still, it does make you think.

Quite frankly, at the price that Bruntmor is being sold at, I would buy them again. I would do so for the following reasons;

  • This is a cheap Dutch oven. I have expensive Dutch ovens too that I take greater care with. I prefer having cheap Dutch ovens to do some of the heavy lifting on everyday foods. This means that I do not overuse my expensive Le Creuset.
  • If I was new to Dutch oven cooking, I would start with a Dutch oven that did not cost the earth. You may really enjoy cooking with them, you may not. Therefore, it is always worth buying a cheap one to practice with and buy a premium one later…if at all.

Overall, would I buy and recommend the Bruntmor Dutch oven? Yes, I would for precisely these reasons.

The quality is good when you compare them to their market peers like Lodge and Tramontina. They too are excellent entry level pots but are more traditional in design. This offers something more traditional looking at a very low price.

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A closer look at the design

The design has very strong similarities to the Staub’s…too similar you may say. However, you can argue that the design is time served and successful.

The thing that really stands out is the traditional look that it delivers. In most cases, budget end versions tend to have very basic designs baring some similarities to Le Creuset’s.

The handles are a really nice size, which is actually very important when you are handling a very hot pan. You need to have a firm grip and large handles assist this. Additionally, there is plenty of finger room even when wearing oven gloves.

The lid fitted very well in my opinion, better than I expected. Obviously, it is important in Dutch oven cooking that you retain the moisture in the pan. In my cooking test, it performed well.

Another nod to Staub is the dimples underneath the lid. The theory goes that the moisture accumulates on the lid and runs down the dimples back onto the food. It therefore continually bastes the food and stops it drying out.

Now, the dish I cooked saw little evidence of this however, I fully expect that this will have a great effect when roasting a chicken for example. It does make a difference in the Staub so it should make a difference here too.

The colors are very pretty too. I ordered the olive green one but there are a number of different options available.

In terms of the overall shape…the same as Staub…but seriously, it has steeper sides that you would find on the Lodge but the base surface area is a little wider at just over 8 1/4 inches. The design means that the corners are a little ‘squarer’ so food can get stuck in the corners. Not really a big deal but just something to be aware of.

Overall, a time served design that has been delivered well by Bruntmor.

What’s it like to cook with?

Firstly, I should establish that the difference in cooking results from premium end Dutch ovens to budget end is minimal. The biggest difference is in braising meats and the consistency in which it does this. For everything else, I tend to find very similar results.

Therefore, if you are considering buying a budget version, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get much worse results. When all said and done, this is a cast iron pot at the end of the day.

Moving onto my actual findings, I thought the Bruntmor Dutch oven fared well. The heat distribution was even and this was reflected in my standard dish I cook, when I test a Dutch oven. The dish of course is a beef stew…as most of you will already know.

My first test is always the braising aspect of the dish. On this occasion, the meat browned very well. It was fairly consistent all round which I did not expect, usually the first side browns well and it normally takes longer to do the others. This indicates that heat transfers well.

The cooking process was straightforward and nothing was noted of concern. The only aspect which is more to do with the design, was the corners inside where food can get stuck. Not a major issue, but something to watch out for.

The end result was very similar to my Lodge Dutch oven test. The stew was thick and rich without being overly thick. It was just right in my opinion. Often with budget end models, they tend to have lids that don’t fit as well as premium Dutch ovens. This results in moisture loss. The thicker sauce indicates this but not enough moisture loss to indicate any issues. A fraction more than the premium brands.


Bruntmor 6.5 Qt. Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven
  • Cooking
  • Build
  • Design
  • Value


Dutch oven cooking at a budget price. Don’ be fooled by the price, this is actually a very good Dutch oven in it’s own right. Excellent styling and features, it is a great addition as a workhorse or a perfect first time buy.


  • PFOA- and PTFE-free porcelain enamel cooking surface
  • Oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Self basting lid
  • Low price


  • Limited size range


If you haven’t already worked it out, my Bruntmor Dutch oven review was a pleasant surprise and exceeded my expectations.

I expected a sub-par performance, purely based on price alone. The general feedback I found was generally very positive so it was something I needed to see for myself.

One thing this Dutch oven definitely offers is value for money. As I mentioned above, it is a perfect starter oven and even a general work horse to protect overuse of your more expensive Dutch ovens.

It therefore is a ‘buy’ in my opinion.

If you are looking at the budget end of the market…and there is nothing wrong with that by the way…I would definitely consider this Bruntmor, the Lodge enamel or the AmazonBasics Dutch ovens. When all said and done, the performance is very similar so choose the one that you like the best in terms of colors or design.

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What other Dutch ovens should i consider at this price?


Bruntmor vs Lodge…which would I choose?

I now own both but I have owned my Lodge Dutch oven for a while now. I use it as my go to and my daily work horse. I am very happy with it. I fully expect that the two will deliver very similar results. I have to say that I like the look of the Bruntmor as it stands out from the others I own.

If I was really pushed to choose one over the other, I would choose the Bruntmor as it has a higher max oven temperature which means I can bake bread in it.

Bruntmor vs AmazonBasics…Which is better?

Again, I suspect the performance is very similar. They share many of the same characteristics so the real answer is…both are perfectly fine. Choose the one you like the look of. In my case, I prefer the Bruntmor.

Where are Bruntmor Dutch ovens manufactured?

They are manufactured in China as are many other brands in this price category…such as Lodge and AmazonBasics.

What sizes do they come in?

Currently, Bruntmor offer a 6.5-quart version. They also offer a number of other products like Braisers. Find their full range here.

Do they have a warranty?

At this price, I don’t think they do but I always find the Amazon are very good at exchanging defective goods…in some cases, much easier than dealing with the manufacturer.

What is the oven safe temperature?

The instructions state that the Dutch oven…Stainless knobs and cookware are oven safe to 500°F”.

Is the Bruntmor dishwasher safe?

Yes, but you should not put them in the dishwasher. Aside from the fact that you shouldn’t ever need too, dishwashers dull the color of Dutch ovens. Therefore, you should avoid them all together.

bruntmor dutch oven review
Bruntmor Dutch oven review

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